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Our St Marys roof restoration specialists are experienced in general roof repairs, tile replacement, painting, and re-pointing solutions in Western Sydney. With decades of experience, our qualified team can handle a range of small to large residential projects and get your roof looking like brand new again.  We use the best materials, paints, and tools to ensure the highest quality finish every time. With competitive rates, we have many happy customers with roofs that look new again across suburbs like Baulkham Hills, Blacktown, Doonside, Marsden Park, Parramatta, Seven Hills, and Quakers Hill.

A roof restoration not only boosts your property’s aesthetic appeal but also increases the lifespan and safety of your home. Going beyond an isolated repair, a roof restoration means assessing your roof as a whole and giving your entire roof a facelift. We regularly identify damage or problem areas during a roof inspection. Fortunately, they’re often easy to fix and we can prevent expensive repairs down the track. Roof restoration is a much more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to total replacement.

Professional Roof Restoration in St Marys and surrounds.

Our St Marys roof restoration service includes a thorough roof inspection and cleaning. This process allows us to identify any issues that require attention. This could include cracks, holes, or sagging that could indicate weaknesses and leaks. A visual inspection takes place both externally and internally to check for signs of water entering your home.

Once we have an idea of what’s required in order to restore your roof, we provide an itemised quote and answer any questions you have about the work we believe is required and the timelines involved. The entire roof restoration process includes cleaning, repairs, priming, and repainting. The end result always wows our customers, taking decades off a property’s appearance and giving them peace of mind for years to come.

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Benefits of Roof Restoration

Roof restoration provides both a visual improvement and a practical result. Some of the benefits of roof restoration include:

Increasing the value of your property:
A popular choice for St Marys homeowners gearing up to sell their property because it can add so much value to the ultimate sale price of their home.

Professional roof restoration take decades off the appearance of a property plus it builds confidence in potential buyers. Restoring the roof now can also make sure there are no hiccups with building and pest inspections that form part of the sale process.

Save on energy bills:
With rising energy costs in NSW, it’s both environmentally and financially wise to make sure your home is working as efficiently as possible. Did you have solar panels installed recently? Another reason to get a professional roofing service up there to carry out an inspection and check no damage was caused during installation.

Volatile weather extremes have impacted St Marys and surrounding suburbs in recent years. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your roof is solid and impermeable and that any existing damage is detected and remedied before leading to bigger problems during the next extreme weather event.

Pest Control:
Rats, snakes, possums and birds can nest in roof spaces, which can cause damage to your property as well as bringing bad odours, disease and further pests along for the ride. It’s much easier to maintain your roof and keep unwanted guests out than having to locate and remove them once they’ve moved in.

Roof restoration is a cheaper alternative to roof replacement and can extend the life of your roof by decades. It’s also less hassle and expense than repairing significant damage from a catastrophic failure during a massive storm. If you’re planning on owning your home for many years to come, roof restoration really is an investment rather than an expense.

Meet home insurance obligations:
The fine print in most home insurance policies require homeowners to adequately maintain their property. Failure to meet this requirement can sometimes result in claims being rejected. Protect yourself from having a costly insurance claim rejected by ensuring you’ve met your obligations as a property owner.

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